Strategy. Training. Communication. And you.

We know that to keep a competitive edge, your business needs the best employees. And the best employees stay that way when they are constantly learning. We offer pre-set and customized consulting packages designed to keep your team sharp and give you the competitive edge.

Professional Development Consulting

The fundamentals are important for a reason. We offer professional development classes for groups of 5 – 20 people:

  • Business Writing
  • Intermediate Business Writing
  • Advanced Business Writing
  • Writing for Fundraising: Storytelling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking

These interactive and practical half-day workshops will sharpen your team’s skills and prepare them to level up. 

Strategy Consulting

Are you embarking on a new strategic plan, or re-visioning your plan to adapt to a changing business environment? Strategy consulting can streamline the process for you, collecting data from stakeholders and working hand-in-hand with executive leadership to create a plan, garner buy-in, and set you up for success.

Custom Consulting

Complex organizations have complex problems. Whether it’s developing content for a new training program, streamlining organizational communication, developing an internal talent pipeline, or something else, a sound communication strategy is key to succeeding. If you need a fresh set of eyes and a couple of really smart brains helping to tackle your challenges, a customized consulting package might be the right choice.