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Welcome to Rhetorica Consulting.

Hello, I’m Sumiko Martinez. I’m a humanities nerd with a serious thing for data-driven advocacy and an undying love for all things strategy, learning, and communication. I’m the founder of Rhetorica Consulting, born from the belief that communication is one of the most human things we do – and something that we can always do better.

I earned a BA in English from Westminster College and a Master’s degree and PhD in Communication from the University of Utah. I’ve been freelance editing since I was a cocky undergrad working on graduate theses, and I get a bit of a rush from the red-pen joy of refining a piece of writing. I’ve worked on everything from academic term papers to dissertations, web content to articles for industry press, and business documents like SOP manuals to personal items like character references for court cases.

I have professional, board, and volunteer background in higher education and nonprofits, and have brought my expertise for mission-driven strategy into all of my work. I’m passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that deliver on targeted outcomes. Not to brag too much, but I can even turn a four-hour session about the intricacies of the federal financial aid system into a fun experience!

I have been a speaker and invited lecturer at conferences, fundraisers, and events, including serving as emcee for TEDxSaltLakeCity for several years.

I live in Utah with my husband Sean, two hilarious children, a continually out-of-hand garden, and our motorcycles, Ginger and Lenore. If you have strategy, learning, or communication questions, I’d love to hear from you.